Funny Friday

Hi guys, this is nothing actually but today is Friday(happy day) and yea… let’s check this out!






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The end ❤




Hi everyone. Today we’re gonna share with you guys on how to study smart and save time.


We know everyone is having a difficulties on studying. Well, of course. Who isn’t, right? Being in universities, (not only u guys but us too) is a hectic lifestyle and most probably busy every time. Not enough time to study, busy with assignment and project, have to sacrifice our sleep. This concern really need to be solved especially final exam is just around the corner.

So, clear up your mind, and let’s take a peek with our ‘smart but not that smart’ study tips.

  • Find Sacred Space –  find a peaceful place instead of crowded one to make up our mind and focus more
  • Cut The Music – it is actually much more better to study without music to absorb more information. but if you insist, we recommend you guys to find a music without a person’s voice. (if u get what we mean)
  • Turn Off The Phone – who can live a minute without phone?? well, yes we can if we try on that. Phone is not a food after all, right?
  • Practice With Practice Tests – this actually really help us a lot. It’s helpful for us as we can recheck our mistake and sometimes the question itself might be asking for the same one again.
  • If You Can Teach It, You Know It – you guys should do this! Be tutor for your friend and yourself. When we were studying, we will remember more if we teach our friend. Like.. kill two birds with one stone.

We will be thankful if u guys apply our tips on your study style. So, bye for now..